Five questions to Sascha Nemeth

These questions and answers provide an insight into the importance of digitalisation in the hotel industry as well as the challenges and opportunities that arise from this trend.

How can digitalisation improve the guest experience?

Digitalisation offers numerous opportunities to optimise the guest experience. For example, hotels can utilise software that allows guests to manage their stay from booking to check-out. Through personalised offers, recommendations based on previous preferences and an improved level of interaction, hotels can offer a higher level of satisfaction and comfort.

What role do social media and online evaluation platforms play?

Social media and online review platforms play a crucial role in influencing travel decisions. Hotels can use these platforms to increase their visibility, interact with guests and encourage positive feedback. Through active presence, regular monitoring and quick responses to reviews, hotels can strengthen their reputation and positively influence potential guests.

How can digitalisation optimise operational processes?

Digitalisation enables an increase in efficiency in the operational processes of hotels. The use of automation technologies for recurring tasks such as accounting, staff planning and automated payment saves time and resources, among other things. In addition, data analysis enables better planning and decision-making by providing insights into customer behaviour and hotel performance.

What impact is digitalisation having on the workforce in the hotel industry?

Digitalisation is changing the demands placed on workers in the hotel industry. While some tasks can be automated, new technologies also require new skills and competences. Hotels need to ensure that their employees have the necessary digital skills and are regularly trained to keep pace with evolving technologies. At the same time, digitalisation can also create new career opportunities, such as in the areas of data analysis or digital marketing.

How can hotels guarantee data security and data protection?

With the increasing amount of digital data, ensuring data security and privacy is critical for hotels. They need to implement robust security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their guests’ data. This includes the use of encryption technologies, access controls and regular security audits. Hotels must also ensure that they comply with applicable data protection laws and communicate transparently with their guests about the use of their data.